Created with your Health in Mind

Herbal Consultations

The first time you visit allow about 1.5 hours. We will discuss, in confidence, the nature of the problem you need help with and your detailed medical history. Safety is paramount, so you will be asked about any allergies you may have or any medicines you may already be taking as prescribed by your GP so that possible drug:herb interactions can be taken into consideration. We will also consider your diet and lifestyle to see where beneficial changes may be made in order to aid the healing process.


A physical examination may be carried out if appropriate.


The second visit is usually 2 weeks after the first visit. Follow-up appointments may be 4 weeks or more apart depending on the nature of the condition.


If I feel it is more appropriate for you to see your doctor or another specialist therapist, then I will advise you to seek their advice.

Energy & Crystal Consultations


During your first visit, I will take details about your health and wellbeing.  During follow-up sessions, we will discuss any changes and your progress.  


I make sure you are relaxed and comfortable before starting to channel energy.  Whilst the energy is being channelled, you may experience changes in temperature or other sensations; you may hear sounds or see colours.  If crystals are used, you may feel them being gently placed on your body and be aware of me moving around whilst I work.  


There will be time for you to ask questions or, if you wish, share something of your experience.  

Allow 1 hour for your visit.