The Herbalist

I was born in Llandrindod Wells and grew up in this rural part of Mid Wales. My love of the natural world and my interest in the use of plants for healing prompted me to study the herbal medicine degree programme at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. Although herbal medicine is an ancient form of medicine, training in herbal medicine involves the use of modern scientific techniques.  As well as studying ancient herbal texts, we also study biochemistry, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology and modern clinical examination skills. Over 500 hours of clinical experience has to be completed during the course of study. The degree programme complies with standards set out by the European Herbal Practitioners Association and is accredited by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.  


Following graduation in 2009, I became a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, the leading professional body for herbalists which was founded in 1864 with the aim of “encouraging the study and knowledge of the vegetable kingdom and its application to public health”.  

As part of my practise I use high quality medicines sourced from local suppliers.

Having worked with medicinal herbs since 2009, I was drawn to explore the health-giving potential of the Mineral Kingdom.    


Whilst training with the Academy of Inner Resonance in Surrey, an in-depth knowledge of crystals and energy was gained through lectures and practise.   I completed the 2-year Practitioner’s Diploma Course in Crystal Therapy & Energy Healing in 2019.  

Member of the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine.

I work to a strict code of professional and ethical conduct and am fully insured to practise.